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Troubleshooting Common Refrigerator Problems—Should You Hire a Professional?

Why should you always call a professional for a fridge repair?
The refrigerator is by far the most crucial component of your everyday kitchen chores. Without a fully-functional refrigerator, your food will rot, the milk will go bad—and nothing would ever taste the same. Not to mention it’s a terrible waste of money and food! Here are a few common refrigerator issues that need troubleshooting:

Warm food

If you leave your bowl of porridge in the refrigerator overnight and it’s warm in the morning—you shouldn’t eat it! Here’s what might have gone down:
  • Either something has gone wrong with the thermostat, or you have mistakenly set it to a warmer temperature. Check the dial and set it back to a cooler temperature setting. After you’ve done so, wait for an hour to see warm spots still exist.
  • The vents in your refrigerator shouldn’t be blocked. If you have crammed too many food blocks in the fridge, it’ll affect the airflow inside. Remove a few to ensure proper ventilation.
  • You should check if the seal around the food is closing properly. If it doesn’t close or is damaged, warm air can enter the fridge. You can try cleaning the seal with soap and water. If the issue doesn’t get fixed, get a professional to take a look at it.
  • The overall performance of your refrigerator can go down if the coils are covered in debris and dust. Since the coils are present at the back of the refrigerator, we don’t recommend taking a look on your own. Hire an expert instead.

Frosty freezer

You neither want your food warm, not too icy and frozen. Both are unsafe to consume. The food over-freezes if the sides of the freezes have turned into blocks of ice. You may have accidentally set the temperature setting too low. This also happens when there’s something wrong with the door seal or there’s an air leak in the freezer. The door seals are responsible for keeping the cold air in. When the seal leaks, the refrigerator works harder to maintain a consistent temperature. This often results in the temperature dropping too low. If the seal has started warping, dry-rotting, or cracking, you need to get it replaced.

No ice

If your ice maker is producing less ice or not producing any, there could be several reasons. This either happens if the ice maker has gotten shut off or the machine is jammed. It would be best to make sure that there are no ice cubes stuck in the ice maker. Take them out if you see any. Check if the waterline has sharply bent or curved. This process is called kinking. A kinked water line takes a toll on the performance of other appliances such as the water dispenser too. Only a professional will be able to replace the line altogether. If you’re looking for affordable refrigerator repair services in London, Ontario, you’ve come to the right place! MaxCare Heating & Cooling has some of the best fridge technicians on board and offers flat-rate pricing for your convenience.