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Furnace Repair Services: Don’t Let a Broken Furnace Leave You Chilling in the Winter!

The last thing you want to experience in the middle of a cold winter is a broken furnace, yet these things do happen. Fortunately, our expert technicians are on standby 24/7 to attend to your call when you are needing an emergency furnace repair

Your furnace may need repairs for many reasons, whether previous maintenance on your furnace was carried out incorrectly, if you haven’t serviced your furnace regularly enough, or from unseen circumstances. 

Whatever the reason, MaxCare Heating & Cooling team of experienced technicians is ready to get working on your furnace using our 20 plus years of experience in London, Ontario. Our team has expert knowledge of the temperature changes in the region, and we can offer advice on the best practices for your individual needs.

You may feel confident in repairing small damages yourself, but if you are uncertain, don’t put yourself at risk, and let us help you prevent poor air quality and high energy costs.

Furnace Rrpair in London, ON

The Importance of Furnace Repair

Repairing even minor problems with your unit can help you save both your money and your time, by preventing larger breakdowns and reducing costs on your energy bill. Even minor inconsistencies can lead to your furnace overworking and raising your energy consumption.

Our team provides you with expert advice and a detailed breakdown of the possible problems with your furnace, after inspection and before you accept our quotation. We value five-star customer service, and our team won’t work in your home without providing you with all the details you need first.

There are many reasons for furnaces to break down and having an idea of why a problem may have occurred will help you determine if you need to call out a technician for repairs.

Problems that require repairs include:

  • Overly dirty filters
  • General wear and tear
  • Lack of (or improper) maintenance
  • Furnace not heating up enough or at all
  • Weird noises coming from your furnace
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Electric ignition problems
  • Dirty ductwork
  • Problems with the blower belt
  • Issues with the blower bearings or the heat exchanger

If these issues are not addressed immediately, they can lead to a breakdown of your entire furnace system requiring costly repairs or even replacement of your system. Even with minor changes in the air quality or functioning of your furnace, you should call us immediately. 

Common Problems With Your Furnace

Sometimes, problems may occur with your furnace that can be fixed by yourself. However, you will want a professional to come out to have a look for you. Understanding the most common problems can help you determine whether it is a simple fix or a problem requiring more expertise.

Check the Thermostat 

If the air in your home is not warm enough, you can check the thermostat yourself to make sure it is switched to heat, and the temperature is set above room temperature by about five degrees. If it operates on battery power, you can also check to make sure the batteries are charged in your thermostat. 

Another fix is to open the thermostat and blow gently, removing any dirt that may be clogging it. If your system is on a timer with a programmable thermostat then make sure the date and time are both correct.

If you have tried these solutions and there are still problems with the furnace, give us a call.

Check the Filter

Clogged filters are a common problem in furnaces, and they may cause the furnace to have trouble producing enough heat for the home. You can do a quick filter check before calling an expert.

These filters should be checked during furnace maintenance, but if this hasn’t been done correctly, they may be preventing the airflow through the unit. You can check this by removing the filter—make sure the furnace is switched off first—and hold the filter up to a light source. If no light filters through, then you need to clean or replace the filter. 

Check the Limit Switch

If your furnace is continuously running despite the house being warm enough, or if it turns off when the house is still cold, you may have a problem with your limit switch. This is what detects the heat inside the furnace, and if running continuously, it can shorten the lifespan of the blower.

This error cannot be fixed yourself, and you will need a certified technician to assess your switch to determine whether it can be fixed or needs to be replaced.

Common Noises and What They Mean

There are a few common noises that occur when the furnace has problems, and these can indicate what might be wrong with your appliance.

Rattling Noises

If you hear rattling noises in your furnace this usually points to a panel that isn’t tightened correctly. If you can see the problem easily, you can tighten it yourself or give us a call to help you.

Popping Sounds

These sounds could indicate thermal expansion, which is contracting and expanding of the ductwork with the temperature changes. If the sound is disturbing, you will need to call a professional to see what can be done for you.

Grinding Noises

This is usually an indication of a problem with your motor bearing, and you will need to contact a licensed professional to repair this for you.

At MaxCare, we are always happy to assist. If you are ever unsure of whether you need a technician to come and do an assessment on your furnace, you are more than welcome to give us a call with your questions. 

All of our technicians are trained and tested to achieve HVAC’s Platinum Standard, so we can provide you with only the best service standards. We are always committed to maximizing efficiency, comfort, and increasing the lifespan of your appliances, for you to rest assured you won’t have any unsolvable problems through winter. 

Repair FAQs

Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

The general lifespan of a furnace is between 15 to 20 years. If your furnace is below 12 years, a repair should be effective enough. If you have had your unit for longer than this, it may be time to replace it.

Our expert team can help you make this decision after an assessment of your current unit. 

What Are Some Signs My Furnace Is Breaking?

Look out for common signs your furnace may have a problem such as:

  • A reduction in air quality
  • Unusual noises
  • Increased energy bills
  • Frequent repairs
  • Reduction of heating efficiency 

Contact us today to schedule an assessment with our repair team and enjoy peace of mind that your home will be kept warm.