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Our company has been one of the most trusted air conditioning companies in London, ON for years. With our experience and training, we guarantee high-quality air conditioning solutions!

If you’re looking for a company that specializes in air conditioning services, then look no further. Our team has the expertise and skills to service any make or model, be it A/C installationA/C repair, or A/C maintenance – we’ve got your back! 

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Air Conditioning Company in London, ON & Nearby Communities

A/C Repair

When air conditioning fails in your home, our MaxCare Heating & Cooling team are here for a solution. We can work with any A/C unit and make sure the problem gets solved quickly, so you’re back feeling cool again!

We aim to address all your repair needs with precision and efficiency. We use every last ounce of ability, so all comforts are met at their finest level possible. Our team is also equipped with industry-leading tools for a fast and reliable job! Rest assured that we will not leave any detail and provide excellent service from start to finish. LEARN MORE.

A/C Installation

A new air conditioning system in London, ON can do wonders for your home or office. A newly installed A/C unit will provide excellent cooling and present significant changes in your cooling cost. With so many benefits from a newer cooling system, why would you want anything else?

MaxCare Heating & Cooling carry the latest cooling systems for residential and commercial spaces. Our experts can accurately calculate how much air conditioning capacity (and cost) fits into each space size with ease.

With the help of our certified technicians, who have decades of experience, rest assured that our installation practices are safe and correct. With that, we guarantee you have the best experience possible with your new system. LEARN MORE.

A/C Maintenance

Keeping your air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently is one of those things you should always keep in mind. And one way to keep them in top shape is by having regular A/C maintenance service. This will ensure that you breathe clean air, have lower cooling bills, and more solid unit life expectancy.

Our MaxCare Heating & Cooling team provide maintenance plans designed for each client’s needs, whatever the budget may dictate. With the assistance of our qualified technicians, we guarantee innovative comfort solutions. So be sure to reach our team for excellent cooling comfort throughout the summer season. LEARN MORE

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Need to get your A/C working in top shape? bitcoin laundry Trust MaxCare Heating & Cooling for all cooling needs in London, ON. No matter what type of machine it may be, our team will provide a thorough analysis so as to not interrupt you in any way!

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