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AC Maintenance Services: Don’t Get Beat by the Heat

Keeping your home cool during the hot months is easy enough when you have an AC installed, but if you don’t schedule regular AC maintenance, you could be left with a broken air conditioner when you need it the most. Ensuring your unit is serviced regularly will prevent unexpected breakages at the wrong times. 

At MaxCare Heating & Cooling, we have been servicing AC’s in the London, Ontario area, for more than 20 years. By servicing your unit often enough, you will be lengthening the lifespan of your air conditioner and saving yourself money by avoiding unnecessarily high energy bills. 

Our expert technicians are ready to serve you with all your maintenance requirements while offering our professional advice with any of your heating and cooling needs. Our qualified technicians are the best in the London area and are happy to help you with anything you may need. 

Servicing your AC is part of our job, but we are always happy to provide you with professional advice and cleaning tips you can perform at home to ensure your AC’s reliability. 

A/C Maintenance Services in London, ON

Why Is AC Maintenance Important? 

To ensure your system is running smoothly and effectively, you will need to have regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit. This will prevent you from spending more money on repair bills as well as energy bills. There are many reasons your unit will need to be serviced.

Maintain the Efficiency 

Over time, your AC will naturally lose its efficiency throughout the years, and this can lead to noticeable effects of reduced cooling abilities or a reduction in the air quality. By keeping your AC services up to date, you can avoid this and allow your unit to work at optimal capacity with efficient cooling temperatures. 

Extends the Lifespan of Your Unit

Regular maintenance will ensure that all the parts of your air conditioner are protected from dirt and dust build-up. To ensure you save yourself money from needing to replace your system sooner, make sure your servicing is up to date to enjoy your unit for longer.

Saves You Money on Your Energy Bill

If your system is not running optimally, it will begin to add to your energy bill. This is because the system needs to continuously switch back on, and it takes large bursts of power to do so.

Protects the AC’s Equipment

All the various parts of your unit need to be protected from large amounts of dust and dirt as these build-ups can damage your equipment. This will lead to regular repairs, which can be easily avoided. 

Keeps Your Family and Home Healthy

During maintenance, our technicians will be sure to clean out any build-ups of dirt and dust that can lead to bacteria sitting in your air conditioner. This will prevent the dirty air from circulating around your home

During the service, our technicians will be on the lookout for any worn or broken parts and bring these to your attention. Replacing these early will save your unit from further damage and unexpected breakdowns. You can also check out our air conditioner maintenance tips.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

There are a few common reasons your air conditioner may need to be maintained or, in worst-case scenarios, repaired. 

Inadequate Maintenance

If your air conditioner hasn’t been serviced often enough or it wasn’t done correctly, you may notice problems with the airflow and quality of air coming from your air conditioner. 

Dirty Filters and Coils

The filters in your system may be clogged with dirt since the filter is protecting your home from unwanted dirt and bacteria blowing through the vents. 

The coils can also accumulate dirt through continuous use, and this can lead to a reduction in the airflow of your air conditioner, which leads to higher energy bills. Be sure to clear away any debris and dirt sources from your outside condenser unit.

Electric Control Failure

If the fan controls or compressor in your unit has started to wear out, it may cause problems such as your aircon constantly switching on and off. This usually happens if your unit is too big for the house or due to corrosion in the system. 

Refrigerant Leaks

If your system was adequately charged with refrigerant, yet you notice your system gets low too quickly, there may be a leak in the unit. These leaks can become harmful to the environment if they are not repaired soon. A leak will also prevent your air conditioner from functioning optimally.

Sensor Problems

If your air conditioning unit contains a thermostat sensor behind the control panel, it can shift out of position at times. This will cause the air conditioner to start running irregularly. You can manually adjust the position by gently moving the wire that is holding it in position. It should be close to the coil on the unit, but it shouldn’t be touching it. 

If you notice any of these problems, it is best to have a professional come check the unit, and our team of certified professionals is waiting for your call.

Unit Parts That Need Maintenance

During maintenance, many parts of the air conditioner are checked, and knowing what parts need to be checked can help you ensure the technician has checked all these parts correctly. 

During the inspection, our professional technicians will perform the following, among other checks:

  • Check the AC coils
  • Check and clean the air filters
  • Clean the condenser
  • Inspect the blower motor
  • Test the capacitor
  • Check for leaks
  • Test the refrigerant for the correct charge
  • Lubricate mechanical and moving parts
  • Check for common wear and tear
  • Measure airflow
  • Check oil leaks

AC Maintenance FAQs

Is it necessary to service my air conditioner every year?

Yes, you should have a professional technician come to your home to service your AC at least once every year. This will allow the technician to point out any possible causes for future breakdowns and keep your unit running effectively and efficiently. This will help reduce your energy bills and prevent any unexpected breaks when you need your AC the most.

If you schedule a service during spring, you can enjoy peace of mind that your unit will be running optimally for the hot summer months.

How often should AC filters be cleaned?

Dirty filters in your air conditioner can reduce the efficiency of your unit, as well as cause health problems, especially if anyone in the home has allergies or asthma. Cleaning your filters regularly is necessary, and you should clean them at least every two weeks.

If you are unsure if your filters are dirty, place a white sheet or towel about 4 feet from one of the vents. Leave this for about an hour, and if the sheet has turned gray, you will know your filter is dirty. 

Filters should be changed every 45 to 90 days depending on the type of filter you have. Our technicians can help advise you on how and when to replace filters for your specific unit.

How often should AC coils be cleaned?

Generally, your AC coils will only need to be cleaned once a year, and the technician will do this during regular maintenance. If you are running your AC more than normal throughout the year, you may need to have these coils cleaned more regularly.

This is not something you need to worry about too much, because our technicians will advise you on how often your unique unit will need cleaning. 

If your coils are not cleaned during routine maintenance, you could experience a less efficient AC unit and you will notice your energy bills increasing due to the overload of your air conditioner.

How do I know if my AC coil is dirty?

If your coils are too dirty due to improper maintenance or environmental reasons—such as high amounts of wind and dirt in your area—you will notice a drop in the pressure of your AC system. This can lead to uncomfortable air pressure and temperature in your home. 

The efficiency is affected due to the dirt inhibiting the heat transfer, which leads to the compressor working harder. This can take a toll on your system and reduce the lifespan of your AC

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