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Protection Plans


Affordable, Comprehensive Maintenance Agreements to Increase Efficiency, Improve Comfort, and Save Money!

Are you confident that you can rely on your heating system to keep your family warm this winter during our frigid Ontario winters? And what about your AC this summer?

Many homeowners let their heating and cooling systems sit on the back burner. That is until it breaks down or they start to notice their monthly utility bills rise.

The best thing you can do to avoid this all-too-common fate is to invest in a protection plan!

When you invest in one of our affordable, comprehensive Protection Plans, you place your HVAC system on our team’s stove, rather than your own back burner! Our team of expert heating and cooling technicians will manage this task for you, ensuring that your system stays efficient throughout every season.

Ensure your system is running at near-factory efficiency, year-round.

We offer three protection plan options, so you can choose the best option for your home and family, based on your budget. Because of the massive benefits that these preventative maintenance plans offer, we offer different tiers to make these services available to many different budget levels. Please give us a call to get more information on the different plans that we offer.

These plans offer one cooling appointment and one furnace appointment per year.

Why Choose Maxcare Heating and Cooling?

  • At MaxCare Heating/Cooling & Appliance Repair, our trained technicians are licensed and insured, making them fully qualified to repair, service, and maintain all your major appliances
  • We stand behind our work and provide a 90-day warranty on all the parts we install
  • We only replace the parts of your appliance that are defective. If the appliance is not worth repairing, we’ll tell you that upfront
  • Our estimates include all parts and installation fees — there are no hidden costs or added expenses — what we quote is what you pay