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Common Myths About HVAC Systems Debunked


Electricity bills make up a significant chunk of our monthly expenses. In summers, the bills hike up significantly due to air conditioners. To control your cooling expenses, you must maintain your AC and take good care of the unit. Most homeowners skip AC maintenance because they assume it’s not that important. It’s time to debunk this myth!

Here are a few more myths you need to leave behind:

The bigger the air conditioner system, the better

When it comes to choosing the right HVAC system, bigger doesn’t always mean better. It always has to be sized according to your home. An oversized unit will cool the room and then shut off over and over again. This will make the room uncomfortable and humid. As a result of the frequent shutdowns, the appliance will wear out faster. This will also shorten its lifespan. Similarly, if it’s too small, the system will have to run longer than usual. As a result, your energy bills will spike.

In fact, 200 Btu/h of HVAC capacity is enough to cool every square metre of living space. The  size of the HVAC also depends on other factors, such as the orientation of windows, total cooling load, number of appliances and occupants, the local climate, and the lighting.

Always speak to a reliable HVAC company and get them to suggest the right size after analyzing your home and the existing system.

Most of the cool air is lost through the windows.

While it’s true that some cool energy is lost through windows, it definitely isn’t the only source of energy losses. For your HVAC system to work well, the rest of the house needs to be insulated well. This includes the walls, roofs, ductwork, and the ceiling.

When you turn on the AC unit, make sure all the exterior doors and windows are closed. The interior room doors and cupboard doors should also be closed. At the same time, get the ducts inspected for any signs of air leaks. Install a well-sealed air barrier outside the cooling ducts to prevent condensation. An air barrier acts as a building envelope and protects the insulation. You can speak to your HVAC company for further advice on duct insulation.

My AC doesn’t need maintenance.

Skipping out on HVAC maintenance will only make things worse for your system and take a toll on its lifespan. Here’s what an HVAC maintenance session typically comprises:

  • Your AC filters need to be cleaned frequently and changed every three months. Clogged filters reduce the airflow and make the system work harder.
  • The thermostat setting needs to be checked frequently and readjusted according to the temperature. The technician will also clean the insides to get rid of any debris accumulation. The technician will examine the coolant levels and will inform you if there’s a need for replenishing. They’ll also lookout for any signs of coolant leaks.
  • The maintenance expert will check if the drain lines are clogged with lint, dust, and dirt. If they are clogged, the drain pan fills up quicker and causes water to leak out.

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