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Cleaning a Smelly Dish Washer: Maintenance Tips from Appliance Experts

Cleaning Dishwasher

As much as you love the aroma of spices emanating from delicious dinner treats, you despise stale food in dishwashers.  
Cleaning the kitchen is the last ritual of the day for many homeowners. There’s nothing like running your hand lovingly on the gleaming counter while the rest of the space looks sparkling clean. Cross your fingers because this dream is too good to be true!

While the dishwasher is running, an unpleasant odour may make you wrinkle your nose. That’s all it takes—a smelly dishwasher—to burst your bubble and steal your moment of glory at the end of the day.

Let this pain be no more. Smelly dishwashers can affect the appeal of your kitchen interiors but not with these maintenance tips. You may even need professional dishwasher repairs less often!

How to Keep Your Dishwasher Odourless

Clean the Drain Filter

Dishwashers have drain filters that prevent large food particles from going into the drain. This is a crucial component because, without drain filters, your pipes will get clogged very soon and create plumbing bottlenecks.

Even though they’re protecting your drains, they can collect food morsels that rot in the filter until cleaned. That’s the culprit for the foul stench rising from the dishwasher in most cases. Use hot water and dishwashing liquid to clean the drain filter and reach all the interiors while scrubbing. There may be a layer of grease coating the filter, soak it in hot water to clear the debris. Once the drain filter is clean and dry, install it back into the dishwasher. 

Clean the Spray Arm

The spray arm is a crucial part of the dishwasher that helps clean plates, cups, and silverware. But it may become clogged with food and cause a foul odour to form inside the dishwasher. To avoid that, you’ll need to clean the spray arm.

Remove the parts from the appliance. Use a cotton swab to reach inside the spray arm and clean out the food bits stuck inside. Once you’re done, run water on high pressure through the pipe to wash off the arm walls’ sides. Repeat the same method with the second arm, and install them back into the dishwasher once done.

Clean the Insides of the Dishwasher

Grease and grime from washing dirty dishes can accumulate on the walls of the dishwasher. This not only releases a bad smell but also compromises the efficiency of the appliance. You’re essentially putting dirty dishes inside a dirty dishwasher and expecting them to come out clean. That’s unhygienic; the insides need cleaning first!

Remove the racks from the dishwasher and clear the area. Wash them separately in a sink using hot water and soap.

Get to cleaning the walls of the dishwasher next. Dissolve baking soda in vinegar and soak a sponge in it. Scrub the sides of the walls with the vinegar solution and let it sit. After a while, the acid will cut through the grease and come off quickly. Use a damp rag to wipe the sides. Clean the door similarly, and leave it open for the insides to dry. Letting it stay wet can lead to mould formation.

This maintenance routine is simple yet effective. If you follow this diligently, you might never have a stinky dishwasher. But if the problem is deeper than we think, you might need our services.

We manage dishwasher repairs in London, ON, and would be happy to inspect the problem for you. The smell could be coming from a clogged drainpipe or a faulty dishwasher due to overuse. Call us in for a consultation; we also offer same-day service, so you get the job done the day you inform us. Our HVAC experts are licensed and experienced, so you know your appliance is in safe hands.

Call us at 519-641-9000 if your dishwasher needs a professional service.