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What’s Wrong with Your Dishwasher?

Why should you always call a professional for a fridge repair?

Imagine all those years of innovation—Nikola Tesla and his electricity experiments, Edison and the bulb—but none of it matters because your dishwasher won’t work.
And this problem is more common than you think.

It Won’t Clean the Dishes

You had one job, dishwasher.

If your dishwasher isn’t washing your dishes, it clearly sucks at its job. Sadly, you can’t fire it. You can try investigating the problem, though: For example, are you overworking your dishwasher? Dishwashers experience burnout too if you load too many utensils in them. There’s a limit for a reason.

It could also be food debris that was left behind from earlier dishes. Look for anything that might have been left behind. If it isn’t either of these things, it might be the spray arm or float switch malfunctioning.

It Won’t Start

If your dishwasher is (a) starting with fits and starts or (b) not starting at all, you might be looking at a malfunctioning dishwasher problem. Sometimes, you might hear a low humming sound when you try to get the dishwasher to start. That’s the motor sticking. If there’s no humming sound, something else is the problem. You could be looking at anything from a clogged pump to bad wiring or even a malfunctioning switch.

The Water Won’t Drain

Nobody wants a flood in their dishwasher. And yet, at times, it’s like your dishwasher needs a better municipality—because the water just sits there. While you could dry the dishes by taking them out and doing it the old-fashioned way, this is by no means a long-term solution. Maybe debris has collected under the spray arm. A dysfunctional drain sensor and a broken drain pump are both possible culprits in this case as well.

It’s Noisy

Sometimes, the dishwasher makes annoying, ear-splitting grinding noises—as if it were having a bad case of indigestion. And these noises are loud. If you keep hearing these noises all too often, you have a problem on your hands. It could be a defective pump, a dysfunctional spray arm, misalignment, a loose ring or seal, or something else entirely.

It Keeps Filling Up

You need water to clean the dishes, yes, but do you need gallons and gallons? Because sometimes, the dishwasher just keeps filling up… and keeps filling up… and keeps filling up. It’s like the International Control Dam after a deluge. This wastes water and your time. Possible culprits are the float switch, a stuck timer, or a problematic water inlet valve.

Can’t Decide What’s Wrong with it?

Call a professional. In Ontario, you can reach out to our licensed technicians at Maxcare Heating and Cooling. We offer an array of services ranging from dishwasher repair to air conditioner installation. You can reach out to us here.