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Is Your Dryer Facing the Following Problems? Here’s What You Need to Do

Dryer Maintenance

The introduction of electrical washers made doing laundry a hundred times easier. We can now dry clothes using dryers instead of hanging them outdoors for hours on end.

80% of Canadian households own an electric clothes dryer today. However, this useful device isn’t immune to technical failures. Here are some common dryer problems that you can quickly fix at home.

The Dryer Won’t Start

If you can’t turn the dryer on, it might just not be connected to the power source, or maybe its control settings are incorrect.

The first thing you should do, in this case, is to identify the cause. Check to see if there’s power. Tripped breakers are generally the main cause of a dryer that’s not working. You can have the breakers replaced by an electrician in case they’ve burned out.

Some dryer power cords also fray due to constant movement. In this case, you can call your local appliance repair service to replace the cord within the same day. 

Unusual Noises

A dryer has multiple moving parts that play a crucial role in the instant drying process. While it’s normal for a dryer to make sounds while operational, squeaking, squealing, humming, and thumping are all signs that the dryer may need attention.

When a dryer’s plastic glides begin to wear down, they make a squeaking sound while drying, which means they’ll instantly need to be replaced.

Sometimes, fabric may find its way into the dryer’s blower wheels. You can quickly fix this by detaching the blower wheel and cleaning it.

No Heat Production

If you notice that the dryer is not producing enough heat, first check its settings and ensure that the fabric temperature and timer selections are appropriate.

Another reason for a lack of heat production is a defective thermal fuse. While it’s impossible to reset a thermal fuse, you can always get it replaced.

Clothes Take Forever To Dry

A common reason for clothes taking longer than usual to dry is a clogged lint filter. Fortunately, you can fix this issue with a manageable solution. Lint filters catch the fabric lint and allow the air to flow. You can improve the dryer’s performance by cleaning out the lint filter.

Lint filter cleaning is also a safety precaution; a clogged lint filter can even cause a fire.

Our licensed technicians at Max Care Heating and Cooling offer free dryer diagnoses and can repair your dryer within the same day. Reach out to us today.