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Expert Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool in Ontario


Canada is a cold country; there’s no doubt about that.  However, Ontario residents know that come summer, the heat is bound to be terrible in the area. With humidity going above the 40’s and more than 30-degree weather for months, it can feel like living in a desert!

Keeping your home cool during this season can be a bit of a challenge, mainly because most of the houses in the area were built to keep the cold out, not bring it in. Keeping your home pleasant during the heat waves in Ontario is simply a matter of equipping yourself for the inevitable scorch.

Ventilation Can Work Better Than Cooling

What you should figure out first is how air can flow through your house. Most homes have multiple spots where the airflow is substantial, and you need to capitalize on that. Ensuring that a cross breeze can form, or that plenty of fresh air is coming in the house during the evenings can easily control the indoors’ temperature.

Use Windows Wisely

Windows should be used in smart ways. If you open the windows in the middle of the afternoon because it’s too hot, that’s not going to help. Similarly, keeping them closed in the evening can make you feel suffocated.

The periods during which you should be opening your windows in is when the outside has cooled down. This is when the breeze outside can help cool down your house. However, keep them shut during the hottest hours to preserve the house’s


Avoid Using The Oven

Using the oven when it’s hot is going to heat your whole house even more. This is especially true for using the stove or oven between 12 to 4 p.m. Try using the microwave to warm food during these hours or have a refreshing cold lunch instead of the oven. This will make things easier for everyone in the household!

Switch Out The Sheets

Linen, silk, or satin sheets can feel luxurious and soft, but they also retain heat and make it difficult for air to pass through the cloth. To make your bed feel cooler, try some cotton sheets instead. Store the other materials away for use in the other seasons and look for high-quality Egyptian or Indian cotton to survive the summer.

Get Reliable Air Conditioner Installation

Of course, the most helpful way to combat the heat is to have an expert install an air conditioner or repair your existing cooling and heating system if it’s malfunctioning. However, what you should evaluate is whether the model you’re using is appropriate for your purposes.

Our experienced HVAC professionals at MaxCare Heating and Cooling can help you choose what kind of aircon system you want for your house. Call us at 519-641-9000 for a visit and let us guide you. We can also do all types of appliance repair and installation in the London, Ontario area.