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5 Things To Watch Out For With Your Fridge

Why should you always call a professional for a fridge repair?

Can you imagine spending even one day without your refrigerator? No? Neither can we, and you shouldn’t have to! Without this handy appliance, most people would be unable to run their house correctly.

You should ensure that it’s working correctly so that you’re not stuck dealing with a rapidly melting cold box and rotting food. The key here is to know what to look for when it comes to fridge malfunction.

Here are some warning signs that can indicate that your refrigerator isn’t working as it should be!

Haunted Clankings Emerge

All appliances make some sort of sound. You’re probably familiar with the distinctive hum of a properly functioning refrigerator. However, if there’s a noise that sounds like a ghost is stuck inside, you should call in a refrigerator repair technician immediately.

What may be happening is that the fridge’s motor may be malfunctioning due to a continuous power supply. This is bad for your refrigerator because it can cause the engine to overheat and get extremely cold inside.

Temperature Regulation Is A Thing of The Past

If your fridge’s temperature control mechanisms don’t work, it’s a clear sign that this appliance needs repair. Sometimes, the inside can look like a frozen cave, and it may start melting at other times.

Call in a repair person as soon as issues with the temperature control start to show up. This will ensure your fridge lasts a long time!

Rotten Food Galore

Does the milk keep turning sour in your fridge? Are you dealing with constant food smells or rotten dishes? This is probably not an issue with your food, but possibly with your refrigerator. The compressor is responsible for circulating fresh air through the fridge can end up having an impact on the preservation abilities of the appliance in question.

You’re Celebrating Its Big One-Oh

All appliances have an operational life, and the fridge should last you anywhere from ten to fifteen years; if maintained properly. However, any indication of malfunction past the ten-year mark should be investigated seriously, because it may be getting too old to work correctly.

Older models and technology can also be much more complicated to repair and less economically efficient.

The Bill is Sky Rocketing

If your energy bill has been too high for words, it’s time you consider replacing all the heavy-duty appliances that were a thing of the past. The refrigerator plays a considerable role in this because not only does it never stop working, but the temperature maintenance takes up a lot of electricity.

These signs can also be easily identified by our team at Ma Care Heating and Cooling, as they’re experienced not only in appliance repair but also in all kinds of HVAC systems that have compressors in them as well. We also do dishwasher, water heater, and washer dryer repairs and installations in London, Ontario!