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Why Your Furnace is Not Blowing Air

furnace repair in London, ON

The cold weather can be extremely harmful. According to experts, it can cause frostbite and increase the risk of a heart attack. So, using an efficient heating system like a furnace at home can come into play.

Whenever the temperature is freezing, a quality and well-maintained furnace can keep you warm and cozy 24/7 with minimal discomfort.

But no matter how cutting-edge your heating unit is, it will break down at some point in time. The common trouble that people experience with their furnace is not blowing air, which can give you a headache, literally.

As a homeowner, you can’t help but wonder why your heating appliances stop working. But worry no more. In this guide, you will know why your furnace stops and some tips to keep your equipment in perfect condition. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Reasons Your Furnace Stops Blowing Hot Air

A heating appliance not blowing air is a common problem many people encounter, requiring immediate furnace repair in London, ON. But why is your heating equipment not blowing air? Below are some reasons:

No Gas or Low Gas Pressure

When furnaces run on natural gas or propane, there needs to be adequate fuel flowing through them to function properly. To know if your unit has enough gas, check to make sure the gas service line valve is open, and if necessary, contact your local HVAC contractor to turn it on for you.

If it is off and you don’t know why, this could indicate an issue with the main gas supply pipe running into your house, which might need further investigation and furnace repair in London, ON.

Blown Fuse or Tripped Circuit Breaker

If the furnace has a blown fuse or tripped breaker, this could be a sign of an electrical problem with your heating equipment, or it may be due to some other issue in your home’s internal wiring. Try replacing the fuse or give a licensed and knowledgeable electrician a service call to fix the problem.

Blocked Vents

Clogged air vents can prevent airflow from being distributed properly through the furnace. So, you should have them cleaned on a regular basis by a company specializing in comprehensive furnace repair in London, ON. Thorough cleaning will not only enhance the heating system’s efficiency but also help reduce respiratory issues for people with existing allergies and asthma.

Wrong Size Filters

Investing in appropriately sized furnace filters on your air intake vent is necessary. A too small or too big filter will restrict airflow, which means the furnace will have to work harder to provide enough heating, cooling, or ventilation resulting in inefficient operation and higher energy bills.

Whether you struggle to choose the filters that provide enhanced features or you do not have any prior experience, don’t worry, as local HVAC companies with expertise in furnace repair in London, ON will assist you from start to finish.

Incorrectly Adjusted Blower or Limit Controls

Improper blower and limit settings on your furnace can prevent it from blowing air properly, which is why they should always be checked by a professional any time the unit is serviced. These simple adjustments could make a big difference in how much energy and money you end up spending to heat and cool your home every month.

Most furnaces come with detailed manuals that outline how these components work together and describe the proper operation of each switch and wire, so you will know exactly what needs to be done if problems arise later on.

Bad Thermostat

A thermostat is responsible for controlling heating and cooling using various types of internal sensors to detect when your home is getting too hot or cold. These components have a limited lifespan and tend to fail more often during the fall and winter months when furnaces are used almost all of the time.

If you noticed an issue with your heating unit, try buying smart or programmable thermostats because they provide enhanced features. Then, have it installed by a knowledgeable technician with vast skills in furnace repair in London, ON.

Blocked Ductwork

Clogged air ducts can prevent airflow from being distributed throughout your home, contributing to poor indoor air quality, uncomfortable room temperatures, and higher utility bills.

Most HVAC professionals recommend having this service done often since it isn’t very expensive or time-consuming for them. But if you are a DIYer and have relevant experience, you can do it yourself by purchasing a duct cleaning kit at most home improvement stores near you.

Dirty Air Filters

Dust, dirt, pollen, animal dander, bacteria, or mold spore can accumulate in the filter over time. This makes heating and cooling your home more difficult for the furnace because it has to work harder to push air through restricted vents.

Cleaning your filter and other HVAC components minimizes the buildup of contaminants that can aggravate allergies and asthma symptoms but also reduces energy usage if done correctly.

While removing the dirt and other debris from the filter is easy, it is tricky for beginners. So, it is always perfect to hire a licensed contractor that offers furnace repair in London, ON.

Frequent On and Off Cycling

Is your furnace turning on and off too more often than usual? If yes, make sure to prepare yourself as you may have a larger issue at hand. This type of problem can occur if the pilot light has gone out or there is an electricity failure during operation, which causes the furnace to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature within your home.

The longer it takes for the pilot light to relight or for power to be restored, the more strain it puts on all parts of your heating system leading to inefficient operation and unexpectedly high electric costs. So, call a local HVAC company for furnace repair in London, ON as soon as possible before things get any worse.

Inadequate Air Flow Through the Vents

What if your furnace is blowing air, but it doesn’t seem to be reaching any of the vents in your living space? The culprit could be restricted airflow. But for an accurate result, HVAC professionals recommend having all vents inspected for blockage by vacuuming out debris that may be clogging up the works.

Alternatively, you can turn off your heating appliance and use your vent or bathroom exhaust fans to move air more effectively through the house. Afterward, check back with your furnace pilot light instructions to ensure there are no problems at all.

Things to Do to Keep Your Furnace in Good Condition

Like your plumbing and air conditioner, keeping your furnace in good condition is important for the safety of you and your family. If your HVAC unit isn’t working properly, it can lead to some serious problems. To keep you and your home safe, follow these simple tips for keeping your furnace in tiptop shape throughout the year.

Change out Filters Regularly

Furnaces are designed to have a filter installed for easy air flow through the system. As time goes on, dust accumulates on this filter, making it less effective at performing its intended purpose.

It’s extremely dangerous if unfiltered air enters the furnace as it can cause equipment failure or even fire both inside and outside of your unit! Make sure to change out the filter every few months to enhance your system’s functionality.

Check for Any Gas Leaks

Another significant thing to do when maintaining your heating appliance is to check for a sign of damage. Check all wiring, pipes, and connections in the system to ensure there isn’t any evidence of external or internal fuel or gas leaks.

Contact a professional serving London if you notice anything that seems off about your equipment, such as excessive noise, discoloration on walls, and corrosion.

Do Not Block Air Vents

It sounds like common sense, but many homeowners forget that furnaces rely on air drafts blowing through them to maintain optimal performance. So, do not block any exterior vents on your heating equipment. Blocking air flow can cause damage to the unit and can be extremely dangerous if left unrepaired for an extended period!

Do Not Touch Anything While Your Heating Appliance is Running!

When operating gas furnaces, never attempt to touch the system not unless it is turned off. So, every time maintenance is performed, always ensure that it has been shut off completely and all pilot lights have been extinguished for your safety.

Clean Your Heating Equipment

Like air conditioners and other devices at home, dust and dirt can build up on your heating appliance over time. While it’s essential to change out your filters as directed by the manufacturer, it’s necessary to perform some regular cleanings of the exterior casing of your appliance. Also, don’t use any cleaning agents or chemicals as they may damage some HVAC components and lead to premature failure.

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