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Are you looking for high-quality fridge repair services in London, ON or the nearby areas? Call MaxCare Heating & Cooling experts at 519-641-9000 today.

Have you ever gone to your fridge craving a nice large glass of cold milk, only to pull the bottle out and discover it’s warm? GROSS!

When your fridge no longer works as it should, it’s a cause for concern. Bring in the experts to have your refrigerator seen too. Even if the problem appears minor, waiting to have repairs done could result in further damage, making future repairs even more complicated and expensive.

Contact MaxCare Heating & Cooling for quick and affordable refrigerator repairs in London, Ontario.

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Why Call the Pros for Fridge Repair Services?

Fridge repairs must always be performed with the aid of a skilled professional appliance repair technician. Whether you have a high-tech fridge with all the bells and whistles or a simpler model, the internal workings of this appliance can be complex to navigate.

In addition, trying to perform repairs yourself or calling a pal to do it can result in additional damage and extra repair costs. Our technicians are skilled in performing same-day fridge repairs in London. No matter the brand or model, we constantly arrive organized to perform quality in-home repairs right away. With all the equipment and a diverse number of parts on hand, there’s no need to suffer lengthy delays to get your fridge repaired.

Common Fridge Problems:

The following guidelines should help determine the cause of your refrigerator problems. It is important to remember that nothing will improve until you locate and correct the source of the problem.

  • Fridge not cooling
  • Water dispenser not functioning
  • Ice maker not working
  • Fridge not defrosting
  • Fridge is loud or noisy
  • Fridge freezer runs cold, but the refrigerator is warm
  • Fridge leaking water
  • Fridge freezing food
  • Fridge constantly running or cycling too often
  • Ice build-up in the freezer

If you cannot see the problem you face on the list, bring in the pros for immediate help. We can provide a thorough inspection of your fridge and recommend the best solutions, so the problem won’t come back again.

Request a service and we’ll schedule your appointment at your most convenient time.

Reliable Fridge Repair Provider You Can Trust

When you have refrigerator problems to cope with, call our team of experts at MaxCare. For more than 20 years, customers have relied on MaxCare team to deliver high-quality refrigerator repairs in London. You can depend on us to expertly diagnose why your fridge is not working, genuinely explain all of your repair options,  and even let you know if it’s worth fixing or not, and provide you with an exact estimate of your repair costs.

Once you’ve chosen to proceed with the repair, our professionals will work efficiently to get your fridge up and running like day one.

Call us today to get started!