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Everything You Need to Know About HVAC Systems


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are an integral part of daily American life. Air conditioning alone costs homeowners in the US around $29 billion annually and has been installed in more than 100 million homes.
HVAC doesn’t just include the air conditioner, fan, or furnace, though; it also includes boilers, heat pumps, air purifiers, etc. Basically, anything that improves indoor air quality falls under the HVAC system umbrella.

How long do they last?

Different components of HVAC systems have different life spans. Here’s how long each component lasts on average:
1.AC—15 to 20 years
2.Furnace—15 to 20 years
3.Heat pump—15 years
4.Boiler—10 to 15 years
5.Humidifier/dehumidifier—8 to 10 years

Air Filter Replacements

Air filters are a crucial part of HVAC systems. The outside air is extremely polluted because of years toxic greenhouse gas emissions. Continuous exposure to outside air causes lung, heart, and skin diseases. Filters filter out the pollutants from the air and supply you with clean, breathable air.
However, filters reach their saturation levels over time and need replacement. The exact time required for replacement varies based on the model you’re using and the environment you’re living in, but in general, it’s advised to replace the filter after 6–12 months.

HVAC Maintenance

First of all, it needs to be established that your HVAC systems need regular maintenance. If you only cater to the system once an emergency arises, it will increase your repair costs, the chances of complete breakdowns, and create more emergencies in general. Regular maintenance keeps the systems running efficiently in the long run.
How regularly you should maintain the whole system depends on the specifics. Get the system inspected by a professional engineer to get an idea.

How to know something’s wrong?

There are signs that indicate that something’s wrong with the HVAC system. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Strange sounds and odors coming out of the HVAC
  • An unexpected rise in the energy bills
  • Dysfunctional parts
  • Lack of heating or cooling
  • Frequent repairs and breakdowns

Get Professional HVAC Service

HVAC systems are complex, and dealing with one needs professional knowledge and expertise. You need a trained engineer to come and inspect your HVAC for any troubleshooting and advice on maintenance.
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